Els the geographer

The goal of sustainable land use is in my heart and my mind. Water, nature and landscape are important ingredients for a safe and pleasant environment. We will have to prepare for future challenges such as climate change by working together. Exchanging experience and ideas will help us to create a better world.

Els the connector

I am good at connecting people as I am able to create an informal atmosphere, which, I believe, is an important condition for cooperation. People need a relaxed and open mind to be able to truly listen to each other and to learn from one another. I am familiar with the ‘mutual gains’ approach.

Els the independent consultant

I am a versatile consultant. You can hire me to organize and facilitate your workshop or to write your articles. But I can do more: research, project and process management and policy advice. In doing this I manage to combine substantial knowledge with a lot of practical skills and enthusiasm.

A little different

I enjoy searching for a different perspective and a different way of thinking as part of my work. When I design a workshop for example I always challenge myself to ask the right questions, to include tailor made exercises or to include unusual and creative elements or invitees.

Els the associate

Since the beginning of 2013 I work as an associate for Stroming, a consultancy firm for nature and landscape development. The main goal of Stroming is to connect people with new or existing nature, by using socio-economic drivers such as climate change adaptation, water management and mining sand or gravel. Stroming seeks practical and innovative solutions and uses natural processes as the basis for planning and development.

Els is politically active

I am an elected member of the regional water board ‘De Stichtse Rijnlanden’ on behalf of Water Natuurlijk. Water Natuurlijk tries to connect water safety with other societal challenges such as sustainability, nature development and recreation.

From 2014 tot May 2017 I was Chair of the board of Perspectief 21, a local political party in Bunnik in The Netherlands. Perspectief 21 is a cooperation between the local divisions of the Labour Party, the Green party and other independent members.